Live Elegantly Academy is a school for public communication and high lifestyle. With our courses of different scope and intensity we offer knowledge and skills on how to turn others into like-minded people and make them appreciate their communication with you. How to build your image in front of them - from your appearance and good upbringing to your cultural identity and values. How to launch and present your ideas and views to your business partners and in the media and how not to fall victim to manipulation, propaganda pressure and fake news. How to be both fun and authoritative on social media and how to apply yourself and receive support as an influencer.

Our School will help you understand and speak the "language" of the body, things, food, clothing and design. It will help you understand the jargon of different groups - young people with their inherent rebellious culture, the middle class, "white collars", intellectuals, bohemians, etc. and to align your communication and behaviour according to their expectations.

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